5 cool In Trend Ideas

WhoCaresNyc? is not just a store, we are way of life. 
Here is 10 looks we are digging This fall.

 Painted Jackets

Painted Moto's are not only our big trend for this season but it happening in a lot of cool ways in a lot of cool different medias. Although we obviously love our renditions, there is great stuff going around that is one of a kind that you should get your hands on! An item like this lasts a lifetime, should and will be passed on to generations. Leather is like Diamonds, they last forever : )
One of a kind Hand Painted Leather moto by WhoCaresNyc? exclusively at www.Dollskill.com and they are running out!!! 
Obvioulsy WHo doesn't LOVEEEEE Gucci right now?
Phiney Pet is Bae.

Dresses Over Jeans

I know exactly what you are thinking! EWWW. It reminds me of the original LES hipsters of 2001 but for some reason, I am just loving it! Maybe the OG hipsters did know a thing or 2 about fashion in those days. Heres a few examples of how it works.
With a Turtleneck, Slip Dress, And 2 long and short chains, and of course your skinny jeans! I would suggest a short cowboy boot! xoxo
Couldn't leave home without the blanket, so i threw on fresh white kicks, and some blues and it works!!


Chokers, Chokers, Chokers!! They are the BEST part of this season! The best part is that you can make them yourself out of ANYTHING. A piece of lace, a ribbon, a rip from your jeans, or you coould just buy one since they are completely inexpensive and everywhere! The secret is to KEEP IT ON ALL THE TIME! where your choker day and night when everyone else is forgetting to!! I am also loving how we styled this ribbon in our recent WCNYC? fashion Show! Check out some Chokers that are dope AF.
photo by  @modern_visual_Photography 





Glitter Eyes

There are two types of people in this world. Glitter Worshippers, and Glitter Loathers. Wearing glitter should come with a warning, because some people actually get scared and begin to act prejudiced. They have an underlying fear of getting glitter all over everything they own. For those of us who LOVE glitter, now is our time to shine. Glitter and face jewelry has not been so popular since the 70's disco days. So let's Just go with it!! If you don't feel like doing your makeup, or don't have time just apply any glue, chapstick, lotion, gel, or even spit to your hand, dip in the glitter and apply under and around your eyes. This is a guarantee that if you can get through the glitter racism you will have the greatest time ever!

Go all out FAIRY!! don'y be shy, just let the moment roll on by.


Somber Glitter. Just Because you are wearing glitter you don't have to be some perky fairy cheerleader. Who knows? you could be hiding last night's webster Hall's eye bags under the fabulous glitter. A great alternative to having to be the weirdo wearing sunglasses at night when you do NOT want to be seen!!!





The only way to become what you want to be, is to just be what you want to be. I can't imagine overalls not being handy for any profession at all whatsoever. From artist to flight attendant, we could all use the classic, comfy overall design instead of uncomfortable work clothes. There are a few different kinds of overalls, and you should basically invest in all of them because all these looks are wow!

90's style classic overalls work with a tight or loose strap and just give you limitless amounts of SWAG!. sneakers work perfect and comfort is key. Cute hairstyles and makeup are a must. Feel like a 90's kid again!

Classic disco Queen. If you are going to class and want to feel like a Degrassi character, or going out, this 70's classic overall with bells is a cute and sexy day night classic. Perfect for skinny bitches, love you! xoxo


XOXOXO hope you enjoyed this!! more to come

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